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When it came to *NSYNC, I never cared much for Justin Timberlake. He always seemed either too goofy and with that whitefro just looked odd. Then when he went solo, he seemed to bump his head and act as if he were black. Now he comes off as pretentious and just eye-roll worthy annoying after having moderate success as a solo artist.
My favorite *NSYNC guy was JC Chasez. To me, he had the better voice, was far better looking and just oozed sex appeal. I even liked his solo music efforts, though it seems others did not and so he’s more of a behind-the-scenes producer nowadays. He’s one of the judges on Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew and has become quite the fashionista with his choices in clothing. There was always something queer about him: he always had the perfect hair, wore the form-fitting pants and shirts that left little to the imagination. I’ve prayed for years that he’d pop out of the closet but fellow *NSYNC bandmate Lance Bass seems to have beat him to the punch. Still, I’m holding out for another *NSYNC coming out event and hope that it’s JC because he’s flipping gorgeous. Check out some of his pics below.

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Why you gotta be jacking up my show Dane Cook?

A comedian is about to hang ten with the cast of Hawaii Five-0. EW has learned exclusively that Dane Cook has been cast to play the brother of Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan). For now, he’s set to appear in one episode that’ll air in February.

Cook was last seen in the flicks My Best Friend’s Girl and Dan in Real Life. His TV appearances has been mostly devoted to his comedy act; he’s done a bunch of specials for HBO and Comedy Central. His early scripted TV work included Good Girls Don’t and Suddenly Susan.



Dec. 9th, 2010 06:32 pm
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I has it!
The Pixar end credits Blooper reels for your appreciation:

Simon Brew

As A Bug’s Life arrives on Blu-ray in the UK, Simon takes a moment to celebrate one Pixar feature it ushered in with it: the blooper reel…

Published on Dec 5, 2010

After the success of the original Toy Story, both in terms of the sheer amount of money it made, and the critical response it notched up, it’s fair to say that all eyes were on Pixar, to see just what the hardly-fledgling animation studio would come up with for its second full-length feature. The answer was, of course, A Bug’s Life, a charmingly overlooked tale, with more than a little subtext to it.

I’m something of a fan of A Bug’s Life, and it’s arguably the forgotten Pixar film. Yet even those who strangely seem to have shoved the film out of their head tend to remember what I’m going to briefly talk about here. We’re going to look at the bloopers.

I distinctly remember searching out a screening of A Bug’s Life with the bloopers attached, as word of mouth about them spread. And as much as I like the film itself, and I really do, I do distinctly recall walking out of the cinema, grinning from ear to ear at the genius of what Pixar had just run over the end credits. It’s yet another addition to the list of reasons as to why Pixar is quite the firm that it is. And when you sit down and consider the work involved in doing what it did, it’s quite incredible.

After all, when some bright spark at Pixar first came up with the idea of spoof bloopers, it was at a point where the firm was in a very different place to now. Pixar, at this point in time, could announce it was going to release a 90 minute film about a pot of jam, and the world would explode with glee. Off the back of the original Toy Story, the pressure really was on, with DreamWorks adding to it by shifting the release of Antz forward to before that of A Bug’s Life. And yet Pixar still dedicated time to the end credits bloopers. That’s some gamble, and one that richly paid off for my money.

Just take a look at them to see why...

more at the source:
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Lea Michelle, Lance Bass and Fergie at the Billboard Women of the Year Awards

More at the Source
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 A Who's Who of the 21 most successful Disney Stars
Number 9: JC Chasez
Another former Mouseketeer and another former N'Sync member. JC Chasez's career post-NSync didn't blow up quite like Justin Timberlake's did, but he still found decent success with his own solo album, 2004's 'Schizophrenic.' (It was co-produced by Ol' Dirty Bastard!). These days, JC is a judge on 'America's Best Dance Crew.'
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THERE’S a paradox at Diane Keaton’s core. “I like to disappear,” she said the other day, in a burst of candor. “But there is that other side — I’m trying to exhibit myself.” It’s a conflict, she added, “that’s classic for people who want attention.”
Read more... )

A version of this article appeared in print on November 14, 2010, on page ST2 of the New York edition.

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Jared's most recent interview in details magazine below!

DETAILS: Your mother was a circus acrobat when you were growing up. How did she get into that line of work?
Jared Leto: Well, my mother was and is an artist, but she was also a single mother with two boys, so I'm sure there were times her occupation wasn't as creative as she wanted it to be. We clawed our way out of the muddy banks of the Mississippi with food stamps in one hand and whatever you could hold in the other. She's a photographer; she's worked in design; she was a rock-climbing guide; she rescued wolves for a while.

DETAILS: You've said that when you were young you'd break into people's houses and just sit in their living rooms. Why did you do that?
Jared Leto: My brother and I didn't have many rules for ourselves and really didn't acknowledge that there were any rules in the world. We would often break into schools. I assumed everyone did. I mean, we broke out of schools a lot as well. We were the kids that other kids weren't allowed to play with. There wasn't any deep ill intent, but we were compelled to do certain things. I think it was about experience, a feeling you get when you're on the edge.
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Lee Pace (aka Garrett) attended the after party for the 10th Annual Production of The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway presented by MONTBLANC at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City on November 15th.

Hey handsome! Can’t wait to see you as Garrett!


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