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Jared's most recent interview in details magazine below!

DETAILS: Your mother was a circus acrobat when you were growing up. How did she get into that line of work?
Jared Leto: Well, my mother was and is an artist, but she was also a single mother with two boys, so I'm sure there were times her occupation wasn't as creative as she wanted it to be. We clawed our way out of the muddy banks of the Mississippi with food stamps in one hand and whatever you could hold in the other. She's a photographer; she's worked in design; she was a rock-climbing guide; she rescued wolves for a while.

DETAILS: You've said that when you were young you'd break into people's houses and just sit in their living rooms. Why did you do that?
Jared Leto: My brother and I didn't have many rules for ourselves and really didn't acknowledge that there were any rules in the world. We would often break into schools. I assumed everyone did. I mean, we broke out of schools a lot as well. We were the kids that other kids weren't allowed to play with. There wasn't any deep ill intent, but we were compelled to do certain things. I think it was about experience, a feeling you get when you're on the edge.
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