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When it came to *NSYNC, I never cared much for Justin Timberlake. He always seemed either too goofy and with that whitefro just looked odd. Then when he went solo, he seemed to bump his head and act as if he were black. Now he comes off as pretentious and just eye-roll worthy annoying after having moderate success as a solo artist.
My favorite *NSYNC guy was JC Chasez. To me, he had the better voice, was far better looking and just oozed sex appeal. I even liked his solo music efforts, though it seems others did not and so he’s more of a behind-the-scenes producer nowadays. He’s one of the judges on Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew and has become quite the fashionista with his choices in clothing. There was always something queer about him: he always had the perfect hair, wore the form-fitting pants and shirts that left little to the imagination. I’ve prayed for years that he’d pop out of the closet but fellow *NSYNC bandmate Lance Bass seems to have beat him to the punch. Still, I’m holding out for another *NSYNC coming out event and hope that it’s JC because he’s flipping gorgeous. Check out some of his pics below.

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 A Who's Who of the 21 most successful Disney Stars
Number 9: JC Chasez
Another former Mouseketeer and another former N'Sync member. JC Chasez's career post-NSync didn't blow up quite like Justin Timberlake's did, but he still found decent success with his own solo album, 2004's 'Schizophrenic.' (It was co-produced by Ol' Dirty Bastard!). These days, JC is a judge on 'America's Best Dance Crew.'
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